Our services to transform your asset life cycle with Circular Supply Chain Innovations

Our Services include :
Proactive Asset Disposal Management, including Sustainable Capex Procurement,
Supply Chain Coaching and Consulting, from Business and Supply Chain Strategies, Procurement – Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing, improved Forecasting and Inventory Management, through to Green and Reverse Logistics.

All to enable the circular economy framework, our Ancillary Service partners can :
Move, transport your unused assets or waste once we have connected to the ideal Buyer 
Insure, provide the necessary insurances or review your existing policies, to minimise any associated business risks for the sale of second hand assets or waste
Finance, helping support any Capital Expenditure investments required to Procure the necessary second hand equipment. 

We work together with some of the world’s leading experts in Circular Economies to understand and promote best practice and share knowledge, with respect to Intellectual Property (IP) at all times. Through our global network of ancillary service partners, and us ourselves being leading experts in Supply Chain Management, with over 50 years of combined industry experience, we have considered all aspects in terms of Asset or Waste Disposal Management in order to best re-distribute or re-allocate your unused assets or waste.

Sustainability Business

LUP Global takes a proactive approach to Asset Disposal Management and Sustainable CAPEX Procurement. We work with our clients on a long-term basis to really understand your needs and requirements to help enhance and promote circular economy frameworks and methodologies.

LUP helps you to match your business needs with a long-term sustainable assets strategy.

Sustainable Asset Disposal Management

LUP enables you to maximise the value of your unused assets through long-term strategic partnering based around our Code of Ethics:

  • Equipment audit
  • LUP’s proposal
  • Unused assets strategy: identification of your unused assets, a timetable for renewal, identification of potential buyers
  • LUP enables complete anonymity and confidentiality of the seller for the sale of your second hand assets to buyers.
Sustainable CAPEX Procurement

Beyond the traditional aspects of cost, quality and reliable supply, LUP helps you to analyse your assets, goods or services purchased in line with wider social, economic and ecological sustainability.

  • Identification of your Capital Expenditure needs and requirements
  • Identification of potential spare parts from second hand equipment
  • LUP will source you sustainable assets through our global network with the full Supply Chain expertise, all the while maintaining strict confidentiality for your sustainable assets as the buyer.

LUP model

LUP provides solutions for your supply chain in order to make it more sustainable.

  • Sustainable and Ethical Procurement & Sourcing,
  • Improved Forecasting and Inventory Management,
  • Green and Reverse Logistics (capacity optimisation and utilisation).

How LUP supports the movement of your unused assets/waste through our ancillary service partners

  • Insurance, to mitigate any associated risks with the selling of your unused assets,
  • International and local Freight, for the movement of your unused assets,
  • Finance, for Capital Expenditure Equipment and Asset Purchases.
" Well – can you get more efficient and pragmatic- amazing in-depth knowledge on process and logistics / surpasses anyone we have ever dealt with. SOPs introduced company have set up the Pana organisation for the future, mitigating risk and exposure : brilliant. LUP Global's expertise on International Freight is extremely valuable and beneficial/ resulting in further efficiencies.. Very Process driven. Loved by all the Pana Team "
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