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Producing waste (through the under-utilisation of assets) for businesses, is it inevitable ? What if we could facilitate and optimize the reallocation of high value or high volume under-utilised assets ?

Our mission at LUP Global is to minimise landfill by creating closed-"loop" supply chains focused on Circular Economies around the world

Transform your Assets Life Cycles with Circular Supply Chain Innovations

We offer a long-term approach to Circular Asset Life Cycle Management and Sustainable CAPEX Procurement. We also help your company on specific points concerning your supply chain in order to move forward more sustainably.

The result :

– Your company can have a better impact on our planet;
– You reduce costs in the procurement and have an alternative to disposal of under-utilised assets;
– You maximize the value and life-cycle of your existing assets;
– You are part of a global network of change makers.

Proactive Circular Asset Life Cycle Management

Supply Chain Coaching & Consulting

Ancillary services to move, insure and finance assets

it is time to act !

Why do we need to urgently commit and implement resource-efficient and sustainable economies ?

x3 : The use of natural resources since 1970


of biodiversity loss and water stress are caused by resource extraction and processing

planets would be necessary in order to satisfy all the needs without penalizing future generations

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Gather companies, entities and / or organizations around the world: OEMs, Buyers, Sellers and Service Partners which all believe in a Circular Economy.

Based on the highest social and environmental values and ethical standards.


Guest expert interview: with Catherine Weetman!

Guest expert interview: with Catherine Weetman!

Guest expert interview: with Catherine Weetman!

We are pleased to have Catherine again in this section. She has just launched a new edition of her book “A Circular Economy Handbook: How to Build a More Resilient, Competitive and Sustainable Business”, and we have the opportunity of talking about the book, how she sees the current situation with the pandemic and how the circular economy could be a solution for many of the challenges we are facing.

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Interview with The Shift!

Interview with The Shift!

Interview with The Shift! We continue our journey towards more sustainable approaches to make a better business and a better world. Media has a lot to do to support this change in the way we do things, and that is why we are so proud of...

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Sustainability Explored

Sustainability Explored

We are so excited to announce the release of our second participation in a podcast, in this ocassion with the incredible Anna Chaschchyna. Anna is the owner of the blog & podcast Sustainability Explored

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LUP is a global network of companies and partners who believe in creating a better future through focusing on sustainability. Transform your Assets Life Cycle with Circular Supply Chain Innovations with LUP Global.

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