Asset types & categories available

LUP is actively looking for buyers and sellers of under-utilised or unused assets and equipment

All our under-utilised assets are still in good working condition, at a price up to 60% less than the market price. 

This approach helps to promote the Circular Economy and contribute to making our planet a more sustainable place for us all.

Why collaborate with LUP Global?

  • Full Confidentiality for both Buyers & Sellers
  • We vett all Buyers & Sellers, they are all accredited laboratories
  • Our global network with the highest social & environmental shared values, link to our Code of Ethics
  • LUP Global can be your long-term partner concerning the entire asset life cycle management. 

Do you want more information for a piece of equipment (price and characteristics)? You are looking for equipment and you want to procure it via the LUP network? Contact us with the contact form below. 


Lab equipment Available

Gas and Nitrogen Generators 


Diesel Liquid Pumps’

Bulk Bag Manufacturing Equipment

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You want to define a strategy for you unused assets ?

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