Our Growing Family: Meet Felipe Soraires, our new Global Representative

Our Growing Family: Meet Felipe Soraires, our new Global Representative

We are delighted to introduce Felipe Soraires to the LUP Global Team. Felipe joins LUP as a valued representative to help us continue to grow our network within Australasia.

With his unique network and experience we are extremely fortunate to have him onboard, also be able to assist us for our future developments when we are ready to enter into the South America’s for us to continue to truly make a global impact.

Felipe has wide experience in the International Business area, both in the private and public sectors. Having worked several years on the promotion of trade and investment between Australia and Latin America, he developed a deep understanding of both markets, including industries such as mining, agribusiness, technology, education, energy and resources.

Felipe holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the National University of Rosario, Argentina. While studying he worked in different organizations and industries, from NGOs to medical institutions. He has a strong social commitment, which made him become involved in different projects in his country and around the world.

His +? He is a very friendly and social person, who really enjoys teamwork, practice outdoor sports and sharing quality time with mates –maybe with a cold pint in between-.

Let’s find out a little more through a few questions

Why joining LUP?

Felipe : “After working for ten years in different companies, I wanted to be part of a project that I truly believe on, with some values and goals that I share personally and professionally. I consider that the main purpose of LUP as a company is something that will make me work hard to get it and that is why I want to be part of this project.”

3 adjectives to describe yourself

Passionate, determinant, tolerant

What are your passions?

Travelling, learn about different cultures, sustainability, having good and interesting conversations with friends/people in general.

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Peak Scientific Instruments Australasia Strategic Partnership

Peak Scientific Instruments Australasia Strategic Partnership

It is with absolute delight that we announce our first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Strategic Partnership with Peak Scientific Instruments Australasia.



Peak Scientific is a leading innovator in the design, manufacture and support of high performance gas generators for analytical laboratories. Established in the UK in 1997 near Glasgow (Scotland), where its corporate Headquarters, and high-tech manufacturing and R&D facilities reside, Peak Scientific boasts a significant local presence on every continent – including major operations in North America, China and India.

With nearly two decades of experience in pioneering reliable gas generator technology, Peak Scientific develops market-leading nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air systems mainly for the field of LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) and GC (Gas Chromatography).

Their forte is in providing their customers with high quality, dependable gas generation solutions tailored to meet their specific laboratory demands. What differentiates them is their world-class technical support and on-going service care throughout the generator’s lifespan, wherever you may be in the world.

This marks our very first OEM strategic partnership, which means that we are able to keep these Peak assets in circulation for as long as possible avoiding landfill ie. as they will support any second hand Peak assets we are able to continue to keep in the market with servicing and parts for as long as possible!

Peak are also very closely aligned with our goal of sustainability as they replace hydrogen and nitrogen gas cylinders that are classified as Dangerous Goods and require ongoing transport of potentially explosive gases, with on-site generators that create the gas from air, meaning less transport, less wasted gas from unused gas in cylinders, and much safer for end users and the environment. Truly a WIN-WIN for all parties involved (how LUP always wants to work)!

This only applies to Australia & New Zealand at this time.

We are so excited to be able to work with this world-class leading life sciences brand and OEM, and look forward to a fruitful long-term relationship in order to help achieve even more in the way of Circular Economies and sustainability now and into the future.

You are interested by second hand assets from Peak Scientific? Contact below!

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Spotlight on EMEA and Our Growing Family

Spotlight on EMEA and Our Growing Family

LUP, as an international network, develops its team above Australian borders! Discover today 2 French, who are part of our growing family and work for LUP Global as Reps or Head of Marketing & Communication. They also act for Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA) development.

Marie Pailhes-Dauphin, our Head of Marketing & Communications

Marie, our Head of Marketing & Communications, arrived in the LUP Team at the beginning of 2019. Marie is based in Capbreton, France. She helps LUP to build its marketing strategy and tools.

Marie Pailhes Dauphin

Marie has done her studies in Law and Economics in Toulouse and Reading (England), before completing her master’s degree in “Risk Management in Developing Countries” at the Institut de Sciences Politiques of Bordeaux. She had a specialization in Sustainable Development and Africa/ Middle East areas.

Passionate about the general interest, she decided to start her professional life in a communication agency based in Bordeaux and specialized in public / parapublic domains. During 5 years, she learnt how to optimize social enterprise development through communication strategy.

In January 2019, she started a new life in Capbreton in France, close to the ocean and nature. She wanted to put her skills at the service of innovative and sustainable projects in order to help the change happen.

LUP and Noreen, its founder, who was looking for French partners for future development, crossed paths. The adventure started: Marie became our Marketing specialist and helps us to find the good tools and channels to achieve our goals.

In the future, she is also a part of the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Development Team.

Her dream? A more humane society, which takes care of its environment and biodiversity. Through LUP, she is more than convinced that we can unite our forces to change (at least a little bit) the world through circular economy.

Amaury Laloux, our Rep in EMEA 

Amaury joins our EMEA team based in France recently. He studied International Economics in Paris and Bordeaux, France.

amaury laloux

His experience as a Policy and Economic Analyst brought him to work in Italy within the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation to analyse, compare and forecast economic indicators evolution amongst developing countries.

Later, Amaury focused on green energy production and joined the Hydrodynamic Technologies team as Responsible for Business Development, where he developed national and international projects for producing local, green and carbon-free hydroelectricity.

His appetite for traveling took him to America where the United States Department of Agriculture allowed him to deepen his analysis knowledge.

In the meantime, his passion for music led him to organise, co-organise and volunteer in numerous events and festivals throughout France, Morocco, Spain, Belgium and more to promote sustainable development and global awareness about Ethics, Energy and Food matters.

For Amaury, “being a part of Lup’s adventures seemed to be an obvious next step towards his personal and professional involvement.

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Interview with Steven Farrugia – Non-Executive Director at LUP Global

Interview with Steven Farrugia – Non-Executive Director at LUP Global

It is rare to come across individuals where you have an immediate connection and such close alignment of values, that it was ideal synchronicity when LUP Global was privileged enough to have met and been able to partner with the amazing Steven Farrugia, now a key member of the LUP Global Board acting as a Non-Executive Director.

Founder of both ShareTree and Vative, Steven has 24+ years of experience in Business Strategy, Character Development, Cultivating Thriving Cultures, Leadership Development, Performance Incentive Systems, Charity Organisations, Business Start-Ups, Software Engineering, App Development, Finance, Strategic Marketing, Customer Solutions, Executive Coaching, Mindset Coaching, Lean Six-Sigma Continuous Improvement Systems, Maintenance, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Warehousing, and having a meaningful and fun life.

Steven’s track record includes:

  • 14-year international career at Bosch
  • Winner of 2017 Creative Innovation Conference Scholarship
  • Finalist of Australian Young Achiever Award
  • Founder and Director of ShareTree, Vative Group, MyEye Group, Diaro
  • Advises & coaches several boards, start-ups & internationally organisations

Discover Steven through its interview !

1. Why does global wealth inequality mean so much to you & ShareTree’s values?
SF : At the root of all limitation to people’s opportunities to meet to their fullest potential & by their purpose is a limitation of enough. The amount of benefit that those receive that hold excessive wealth is completely disproportionate to the amount of limitation it poses to the rest of humanity.

Currently, the world average income ration between highest and lowest paid workers in corporations is 276 times to 1. This means the average worker that earns USD40K the highest paid worker earns USD11 million and 40K per annum, and that’s only the average.
A fair distribution of wealth through research and surveying is a ratio of 30 : 1. That is equivalent to USD40K to USD1.2 million per annum. Any realistic human being luxuriously live on USD1.2 million per annum.

It is ShareTree’s objective is to provide transparency so that people can use their buying power and employer choice power to make sustainable choices in purchasing and employment to correct this imbalance.

We will do this by educating mindsets and team cultures about gratitude for individuals, schools, community organisations and businesses. By engaging and connecting the skills of people and businesses with schools and community organisations through purpose aligned volunteering.

2. How do you see these values aligning with the broader vision of LUP?
SF : The ShareTree application provides an algorithm to connect people’s purpose and passion to the UN sustainable goals through 9 key global initiatives:

  1.  Wealth equality / Income equality
  2. Environment & Energy
  3.  Human ethics & Character
  4. Education
  5.  Clean Water & Food
  6.  Health issues
  7. Rights Equality
  8. Shelter
  9. Global Peace

LUP Global will be the ShareTree leading partner for initiatives related to 2. Environment & Energy.

3. What would be your ideal vision for our planet?
SF : To create a fairer world where every person has the opportunity to realise their full potential.

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Our Growing Family : Meet Michael C. Brown, our Chairman & Global Supply Chain Advisor

Our Growing Family : Meet Michael C. Brown, our Chairman & Global Supply Chain Advisor

Spotlight : Our People – Michael C. Brown, the new Chairman and Global Supply Chain Advisor

Another part of our growing network and team, we were very excited to welcome Michael C. Brown to our growing LUP Family.

Michael Brown joins LUP Global as Chairman & Global Supply Chain Advisor; the ability to apply his considerable experience in the pursuit of the goals of LUP to optimise asset lifecycles and develop the circular economy offer a new and exciting challenge.


He is an Internationally Experienced Operations Executive. Commencing his career with Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd in Coburg, Melbourne; he then joined the parent company Eastman Kodak and spent 15 years working across Asia, USA and England in a variety of leadership roles in Supply Chain and Finance.

Returning to Australia in 2002, he worked in a number of Consulting roles before joining Whirlpool as Director Operations and then Qantas as Group General Manager Engineering Supply Chain. He then again worked in Consulting with a focus on Aviation and Health sectors before commencing his current role as General Manager Supply Chain and Sourcing for Nexans Olex ANZ.

Michael holds a Masters in Supply Chain from the University of Melbourne and studied Business at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He is also Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS), Australian Institute of Export (AIEX) and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company
Directors (AICD).

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Our Growing Family : Meet Marlies Loescher, our lab equipment specialist in Western Australia

Our Growing Family : Meet Marlies Loescher, our lab equipment specialist in Western Australia

Spotlight : Our People – Profile Marlies Loescher, Category Specialist in Life Sciences and Laboratory Equipment has joined the LUP team based in Perth, Western Australia

Another part of our growing network and team, we were very excited to welcome Marlies Loescher to our growing LUP Family.

In May this year she started as Category Specialist for Laboratory equipment representing LUP making use of all her contacts and relationships fostered over the years within the science community in Perth and Australia.


Marlies studied and did her Diploma Engineer and PhD in Vienna in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology. 

During her a career as a researcher and scientist, which brought her to work in France for a few months and eventually brought her to Australia, she noticed how she always saw microscopic pictures and other fascinating laboratory results through the eye of a lens. 

After working as a researcher she got positions within scientific companies as a sales representative, product specialist and account manager dealing with consumables, kits, laboratory equipment and high end automation laboratory equipment. In between those roles she also did a phlebotomist/pathology course and worked as a phlebotomist.

Marlies highlights “My core values of integrity, compassion and care for the environment are represented within LUP as LUP wants to prevent assets from going into landfill and mining more raw materials from the planet which is a form of protecting the environment and LUP’s code of ethics makes clear that integrity is a core value for the organisation as well. It is/was the alignment of values that made me want to be part of the mission of LUP and help it to grow big and globally.”

Marlies grew up interested in observing nature particularly in the forests and fields of Lower Austria. Being given her first camera when she was eleven ignited a passion for photographing nature and animals and thriving for conservation and preserving the wonders of nature. 


To add professionalism to her natural talent in capturing most natural moments of people’s, animals’ and nature’s expressions she took courses and worked with a photographer alongside her fulltime sales position.

She began working on a series of portrait sessions of people’s pets, as well as focusing on portraying rescue animals of animal sanctuaries around Perth while volunteering. Marlies has been in Cambodia and Laos at Free The Bears sanctuaries several times doing volunteer work as well as in an Orangutan sanctuary in Malaysia.

More information on Marlies amazing Animal photography work  :
Her website AnimalSoulPhotography

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