Our network of world change makers

Each member of our network want to :

  • Creatively explore how unwanted assets or waste materials can be repurposed / re-sold to reduce your overheads and carbon footprint;
  • Explore new channels of supply as material inputs for your organization,
  • Share and leverage spare capacity with other LUP partners. 

All with the ultimate outcome of increasing sustainability and reducing waste ?

We are eternally grateful and privileged to be working and having a part of our network, some of the most amazing organisations out there focused on the highest social, environmental and ethical causes, all trying to make our world a better place. In this section, we highlight some of the amazing work some of the organisations in our network engage in to help promote and encourage best practice. If you know or are an organisation that you think should also be mentioned, please reach out to us so we can help promote these fantastic socially focused and responsible organisations.

Our Family


Educate, engage and empower people

ShareTree enables greater equity and harmony in society through sharing between individuals, schools, businesses and community organisations. This is done primarily through character education and acknowledgement.

Their Cultivating Character and Culture programs are based on the work of The Virtues Project™, a global initiative that inspires the practice of virtues in everyday life to bring about kindness, justice, and integrity around the world. The Virtues Project has been honoured by the United Nations during the International Year of the Family as a “model global program for families of all cultures”.

Closely aligned with the LUP Global mission, LUP is now the official environmental arm of the ShareTree Group of companies, which also include the Vative Group (one the leading Six Sigma training organisation in Australia).

ShareTree is a registered charity movement and technology-enabled initiative to evolve character, culture and community, so people can live with greater purpose and gratitude.


Lean Six Sigma Specialists

Another family member of the ShareTree Group of social enterprises, Vative is Australia’s largest dedicated business optimisation consultancy and training organisation.
Their 50+ team consists of process improvement experts that provide business optimisation, efficiency project services, Lean Six Sigma training and implementation.
Vative are committed to delivering results through proven systems and methodologies for a wide range of organisations, covering all sizes and industry sectors.
Through years of hands on experience, they have a proud track record of delivering consistently, 500-1000% return on investment (ROI) for projects and programs.

Their purpose is to inspire people, organisations and community to achieve greater potential. They provide people and organisations the opportunity to connect with purpose, develop a meaningful vision, set an achievable strategy, enhance leadership qualities and implement continuous improvement.
They provide services globally through technology, online solutions and direct engagements focused on implementation and sustainable outcomes creating a perfect balance in synergy with LUP with our focus on optimisation of physical assets and utilisation of spare capacity.

Our network partners

ReThink Global

Experts in Circular Economies with renowned award winning Author, Catherine Weetman

Our relationship with ReThink Global started when we were introduced to Catherine Weetman, Director, and her book A Circular Economy Handbook for Business and Supply Chains. Inspired by her depth of knowledge around Circular Economies (CE) we invited Catherine to contribute to a six-part blog series which tied into the broader work LUP Global was doing by introducing CE frameworks and content for our network. Re-Think conduct CE workshops for business groups, universities, accelerator hubs and social enterprises.
Their mission is to help businesses and community groups to understand, use, and benefit from the circular economy.

Awake By Five Am

Sales Coach for SME’s with a long-term social impact focus of wanting to help SME’s in developing countries

Sales Coach KJ Wong, brings a unique and customised approach to any Sales Technique and Process. Helping LUP Global ourselves, significantly improve our Sales methods, Awake By Five Am, has the long-term social goal of wanting to assist SME’s in developing countries so everyone can make a living and help themselves out of poverty.

Our extended network


ColourSpace is an arts social enterprise that’s helping organisations look good, feel good, and do good with art.

It does so by providing an arts rental service that sources artworks created by local emerging artists and displays it in corporate, communal, and residential environments. To keep those environments fresh and dynamic, ColourSpace changes the artwork on a regular basis, transforming staid environments into dynamic spaces, enriched with art.
Our original Co-Founder of SEN / LUP Global, Scott Ko, Founder and Director of ColourSpace, vision is to use art to connect and engage people in a way that technology can’t. In an increasingly technological and data-driven world, ColourSpace is continuously breaking new ground in terms of the impact of art on the community.

Community Support Frankston Inc.

A Not-for-Profit Emergency Relief, Information & Advocacy service assisting Frankston’s (Victoria, Australia) most disadvantaged families & individuals, including the homeless.

Operating from a holistic and ‘hand-up’ model, CSF’s provision of material aid to people in crisis is complimented by the range of services it co-locates and programs it helps facilitate – including counselling, financial, primary health, tax help and pet care. With an ongoing long-term relationship with CSF, partnering with and assisting CSF sowed the original seeds for LUP all the way back in 2015 (refer to the origins of Our Journey). This amazing charity is made up of mostly volunteers who respond to more than 20,000 enquiries per year and has one of the most diverse and innovate Emergency Relief Program(s) in Australia.


Not-for-Profit making thousands of meals daily from unused food from supermarkets to support the disadvantaged across Australia One of LUP Global’s original network members, we were privileged enough to have Marcus Godinho, the inspiring CEO at FareShare, as a speaker at our launch night. This amazing organisation is looking to cook 2.5million meals in 2019!


Manufacturers of Pipe from recycled plastics.

Another one of LUP Global’s original network members, Green Pipe was one of our speakers at our launch night! Green Pipe has been using recycled plastics to build pipes across Australia.

GT Recycling

Recyclers of shrink-wrap and plastic Our relationship with GT Recycling started back in 2015 while we were looking for alternatives to disposing of shrink-wrap, we were put in touch with GT Recycling. GT Recycling was such a pleasure to work with, we couldn’t forget them when we wanted to launch SEN originally! So we invited them to also be a speaker at our launch night to outline the work that GT Recycling was doing to help promote their recycling of plastics and cardboard, an ever increasing global issue since China banned importing recycled plastics. We strongly believe in supporting local initiatives and the wonderful work that companies exactly like GT Recycling do.

Pana Organics

Amazing organic treats from chocolate through ice-creams.

What can we say about Pana, except not only an amazing CEO and Founder who lives and acts with the highest social and ethical integrity, but the products truly speak for themselves. The best tasting chocolate, ice-creams and range of organic desserts found anywhere in the world. All organic, fair trade and proudly Australian made and owned, you can’t get a more socially conscious company and organisation out there.