LUP Global is a network of companies and partners who believe in creating a better future through a focus on sustainability. We will achieve this by actively working with organisations who can mutually benefit from the re-allocation of assets, re-purposing of waste or sharing of capacity.

Our Mission : To create closed-“loop” supply chains focused on circular economies around the world.

LUP Global’s Purpose : promote a new model for companies based on Circular Economy

Through reducing waste and unused assets, the goal of LUP Global is sustainable development for the benefit of our planet, our environment and all living things. We want to change the conventional Ways of Working (WoW) businesses engage in where businesses collaborate and work strategically together in long-term partnerships, not just for profits but for the best interests of the world, always acting with integrity.

  • Creation of a network of companies, entities and / or organizations to facilitate and optimize the sharing and / or reallocation of unused assets, waste and capacity.
  • This network is based on the highest social and environmental values and ethical standards and functioning based around the circular economy.
  • Creation of a digital platform to globalize this network and have a positive impact on  a large scale on the planet.
  • Provision of study, audit and / or advisory services related to the potential of the circular economy and the best re-use of space, assets and waste .

LUP Global seeks to prove that businesses can be both profitable and successful through focusing on the betterment of society and our planet as a whole.

We do not want to create a marketplace that generates more demand for waste or spare capacity. Thus we work with each of our clients on a case-by-case basis with the ultimate aim of reducing landfill and mining more raw materials from the planet.

Ethics : the cornerstone of our action

We also therefore encourage all of our people, clients and working partners to adopt and commit to our Code of Ethics, modelled and expanded from the Code of Ethics of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS).

  • Understanding and commitment 
    – Business can be both profitable and sustainable
    – Living and working with passion, purpose and integrity 
    – Continually enhancing knowledge of all relevant laws and regulations 
    – Commit to eradicating unethical business practices (environmental destruction or pollution, corruption, bribery, fraud, modern slavery, child labour and other abuses such as with regards to animal rights)

  •  Ethical practice 
    – Conduct all business relationships with respect, honesty, authenticity and integrity 
    – Treat all stakeholders fairly and impartially 
    – Actively support and promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental sustainability 
    – Avoid any business practices which might bring LUP Global into disrepute.
  • Professionalism 
    – Utilise LUP Global’s circular economy networks, to enable best practice methodologies, frameworks and strategies to promote sustainability, reduce waste and eliminate unethical practices from the supply chain are adopted 
    – Ensure decisions minimise any negative impact on the environment, human and animal rights, whilst endeavouring to maximise value, professionalism and service levels to ensure all stakeholders WIN for the best outcome of our planet, 
    – Put sustainable and ethical policies and procedures in place, regularly monitored and updated, ensuring compliance, 
    –  Mandate the education and training of all staff and clients 
    – Practise due diligence, professionalism, fairness, kindness and the strictest of confidentiality in all business undertakings.

  • Accountability 
    – Accept accountability and take ownership of business ethics and integrity,
    – Foster a culture of leadership by example and share experience, knowledge, innovations and best practice solutions, with respect to any Intellectual Property
    – Take steps to prevent, report and remedy any unsustainable or unethical practices

A Team of passionate people

The core team of LUP consists of hard-working, highly skilled people from various backgrounds bringing all the required expertise needed to make this organisation a success.
Despite the differences, all of them have something in common: To help people and create a positive impact on the community.

• Work Together or Partner With Us
If you are passionate about global sustainability, have a burning desire to make our world better through working and collaborating with other like-minded people, please contact us today to see if we could potentially work together.

Currently looking for Experts in :
– Laboratory Equipment (APAC)
– Circular Economy (Global)
– Supply Chain (APAC & EMEA)